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Mitakuye Oyasin
Native American performance workshop or residency program. Read more about the focus of this at

The hands-on aspect of this workshop/residency would be working with natural materials to make rattles, beading-instruction and exposure to Native American music and dancing. As well, the philosophical, cultural and historical context would be discussed in depth. Appropriate for 4th and 8th grades

This is a 3 session/2.5 hours each (pref. within one week). It includes a 40-min. assembly performance.

Medicine Wheel Teachings
Based on the book Seven Arrows by Hemeyohosts Storm (Cheyenne), this one-day workshop will teach both students and teachers the value of Native American Medicine Wheel teachings to resolve conflicts and for seeing the world around them.

Indoors or outdoors, a Medicine Wheel will be designed and installed in at least a 10’ square space. This is a thinking workshop and involves use of writing as well as brainstorming in a group setting. Drum, rattles and Native flute will also be used to create the sacred space that is part of invoking the spirit of cooperation, creativity, insight and introspection. High school to adults.

The Medicine Wheel Teachings are a valuable tool for both students and teachers in facilitating understanding and cooperation between people and within oneself. The Teachings contextualize problematic issues so that they are less static, leading to more creative resolutions.

Expressions of Peace - Mime and Music

Peace Ribbon Project
Classrooms will be asked to “adopt” one of six regions of the world, and students will be asked to design a Peace Ribbon for each of the countries within that region. For example, AFRICA has many countries and each child will choose one country to create a Peace Ribbon for.

Through exploration, research and learning, each Peace Ribbon, decorated with fabric paint, markers or felt, will be a unique representation of each country. Students will ask and discover: What issues are unique to this country? Customs? Important sites? Distinctive resources? How can we depict these through art?

We will then string the Peace Ribbons together and hang them in a prominent place in the school to display them and reflect the spirit of All Nations Peace.

The intention is expansion of the student’s understanding of a culture and people whom they may have never encountered. Ultimately, the purpose of the project is to teach compassion, curiosity and respect for diversity: religious, ethnic and political.

This is a 2 sessions/week - 3-4 weeks long, project, depending on how many classrooms get involved. Teachers must commit to assisting the students in research about countries/regions.  I will present a slide show depicting multiculturalism and Peace-based programs. Elementary through high school.

"Peace" Ribbons can also be used for specific themes of Peace, Anti-War, Equality, Human Rights, Community issues, etc...

Art for more than Art’s Sake;
    Art for the Sake of Peace

The essence of Art for the sake of Peace is the commitment to bring


What is Affirmative Social Meaning in Art?

Meaning is defined as connoting significance, importance and value. Social is used here to denote our societal environment. Affirmative means assenting and positive assertions.

To create an understanding of Art for the Sake of Peace, first one must construct knowledge and explore personal experiences of that knowledge. In essence, create a relationship to the awareness of Peace and its necessity. It is not essential to have a specific “pet issue” regarding this exercise, but an emotional response fuels the creative sensitivities. An artist who is in touch with their feelings is more likely to connect with an audience. Art has a breath and heartbeat of its own.

The word “Peace” is overused and misunderstood in our society. “Peace” is a verb, not a noun.

How are you actively engaging Peace in your life? “Peace out” is a common salutation in certain parts of the country. It’s a beautiful concept when truly practiced. Peace in – Peace out. Let’s talk about and practice practical ways of constructing our relationship to Peace and commit to create a project to reflect that. Small group exercises and written questionnaires will assist the dialogue. Middle school, High school, college age, social organizations.


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