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Our events and annual projects include:


World Peace Flag Ceremony and Concert for Peace

Saturday, March 29, 2008 - 1:30PM
Banana Factory, Bethlehem PA

Monica Willard and Jackie Tice led this event to celebrate the work of Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King, Jr. here in our community.

Elders, Families and Youth, Schools and Churches from everywhere were invited!

Special Guest Speaker: The Rev. Lyndon F. Harris, Chaplain in charge of Relief services at Ground Zero during 9/11 and Executive Director of The Garden of Forgiveness • Gathering of Drums, led by Yodi Obono.

Many Thanks to our event sponsor, WDIY


November, 2007 - Rwandan Orphans Spread Hope

By Rachel Dorrell (Brighter2Morrow)
A troupe of 12 children orphaned by the Rwandan genocide came to pass their message of hope through singing, dancing and smiling. The Mizero Troupe gave their performance, marking the 34th event of International Week, in Packer Chapel Thursday. "We had the kids come to demonstrate that kids who have been through so much, like genocide, can still dance, sing and smile," said Dr. Bill Hunter, director of the Global Union. "There's still hope." Jackie Tice, a local singer-songwriter who arranged for the children to perform, said the effects of the genocide remain. "Although the genocide is over there, the effects are still being felt by many, including these children, who are mostly orphans, relying on the kindness of others to reorder their lives to some substance of dignity," Tice said.

Bridging the Nations

Bethlehem is a community of cultural, ethnic and spiritual diversity. It is with great excitement that we look forward to utilizing the opportunity inherent in this meeting place by “finding the bridge” and directing our common thoughts and attention toward respect and peace between and within nations.

The World Peace Flag Ceremony is a celebration of the oneness of humanity, inviting all people to send their heartfelt wishes for peace by naming each country of the world as its flag is raised. The ceremony has been presented all over the world in settings ranging from small gatherings of friends to the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations. It is a moving experience of our shared commitment to peace on earth.

A Concert for Peace will honor this theme of “bridging the nations” and invite multi-cultural musical individuals and groups - for example, African, American Indian, Mexican, Peruvian, East Indian, Israeli, Lebanese, Japanese, Tibetan or Chinese – to present music native to the regions of countries being named during the World Peace Flag Ceremony. In a broader sense, this concert will take cue from the concept of Four Races – Four Directions – Four Colors, representing Black, Red, Yellow and White.

A multimedia approach will be used when presenting the “nations.” Music indigenous to the region will be presented as well as brief narrative power-point presentations outlining reference points of interest to educate as well as engage the audience. Use of lighting and space will enhance the experience of the inter-relatedness of nations of peoples. The coordination of spoken words, music and intention will create the very atmosphere that we are envisioning for the world.

Local schools and community organizations will be contacted to take part in this event as a way of “Bridging the Nations” that exist here in our own area.

We hope that you will join us by involving your group as we share and support the hopeful expectation of Bridging the Nations, both here in Bethlehem and abroad.

Educational Outreach - Peace Ribbon Project

Partner schools will be asked to “adopt” one of six regions of United Nations member states, and students will be asked to design a Peace Ribbon for each of the member states within that region.

Through exploration and learning, each Peace Ribbon, decorated with fabric paint, markers or felt, will be a unique representation of each UN member state and will be displayed at the Bridging the Nations event at Zoellner Arts Center.

The “Create a Bridge” theme could be used as a metaphor (What things are distinct to this member state? How can we depict that through art?) or as a literal interpretation with the intention of expansion of the student’s understanding of a culture and people whom they may have never encountered.

As a means of bridging not only cultures but also generations, Lehigh University students enrolled in the University’s Global Citizenship Program have offered to come to your classrooms to deliver a brief educational and entertaining presentation about the UN region your school has selected. They will also explain the concept of this event and the creation of the Peace Ribbons to your students.

Ultimately, the purpose of the project is to bridge the nations - teach compassion, curiosity and respect for diversity – religious, ethnic and political.


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